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We have invested over a quarter million dollars in state-of-the-art technology, equipment and training. Our staff are professionals from the aviation industry as well as the flight simulator enthusiast community. We are confident that your experience will be the best experience!

Welcome to a new day! Welcome to uFly Flight Simulator aboard the B 777 commercial replica.

flight simulator speed control

A new dawn has come for those seeking the ultimate in quality flight experiences and expertise. From North America’s only 180 degree full HD screen with enhanced visuals worldwide, to the fully motorized throttle quadrant of the 777-200LR – we have spared no expense to give you the absolute top of the line quality experience possible. In a world where gumball machine quality is the norm, and mediocrity is to often the standard and rewarded, we think different. We believe simply, if you are going to do something, do it right! Refreshing huh? We know…:)

flight simulator ipad

We are the only simulator that can offer you not just one, but three fully functioning CDU’s capable of computing the same complex algorithms as their real world counterparts. Just to name a few, the engines, trim, alternate trim, spoilers and flaps are all replicated with the same logic built into the real aircraft….right down to the real world timing it takes the landing gear and flaps to retract or extend!

commercial flight simulator controls

commercial flight simulator controls

The main pedestal, has TCAS, transponder, and even radios which deliver real live ATC from Toronto, and London Heathrow, with more to be added soon. Incredibly, the rudder, elevator and aileron trim are all functional with the real world effects on your aircraft performance! Want to fly in real world weather in real time as it’s happening right now anywhere in the world? It’s just a click away with the Electronic Flight Bag using Apple iPads. Want to just practice your takeoffs and landings? Unlike other simulators, where you have to waste valuable time circling around each time you want to takeoff and land, you can change aircraft position, altitude, speed, and heading to quickly set up any scenario you can think of in an instant! you can even change the aircraft weight, and the centre of gravity setting. Want to fly in another part of the world with the real weather at that location updated by the minute in full HD? No problem!

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When we say everything is modeled we mean exactly that. Right down to the cabin announcements for boarding, pushback, taxi out, takeoff, climb, crusie, descent, landing, and approaching the gate! And don’t forget if you have any questions, or need help with any procedure, at any time, you will have our friendly, real world professional pilot by your side the whole time to guide you along and make sure you have an experience you and your friends and family will never forget.

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