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 “I have flown for 65 years, and this was still a real thrill.”  – Don Ireland.

“My son and his friend had a great time…thank you and see you soon. Your admin staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.” – Marisa Gallippi

“Very good instruction to get the feel of transiting to the 777 aircraft. My instructor was knowledgeable of 777 handling and patient with my need to brush up on my scan for the glass cockpit. Your instructor knows how to refresh a rusty pilot. Thanks to uFly staff for everything!.”  – John Abraham

“What a great experience. The instructor was terrific and highly educated! I loved every second of it! Through the secretary, I could understand why flying can only be a passion. I was delighted with the excellent service. Thanks for everything.” – Catherine

“Loved the personal attention. The instructor also answered all the questions he was bombarded with. There was no pressure to hurry up and finish. Had a great experience!!!” – Bill Krizmanic

“What a fascinating introduction to the skies! Thank you to the instructor for his patience and kindness. Thanks to the secretary for her help and the delicious cupcakes!!!!” – Gigi

“Great, friendly instruction from your pilot today. He was very patient and a great instructor. The secretary was great in helping us get our time in the cockpit arranged.” – Beijamin Cheung

“Very informative, enjoyed learning what is involved in flying an airplane in day to day operations. Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in flying. The instructor was great!!!” – Darew Placollc

“We had a great time. Everyone was really nice. I would definitely recommended it to anyone and would come back in a heartbeat.” –  Alexander Baudi

“The flight simulator was awesome, and felt really good. This is a good start for anyone interested in becoming a pilot, and an overall good experience.” –  Babar Khan

“Amazing!! We had such a blast. Staff were very helpful. I Would do it again in a heartbeat!”- Andrea Baudi

“It’s like flying a real plane, with a real instructor. Makes you realize how talented these pilots are.” – Jim Peacock

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“Very interesting and useful experience. I highly recommend it for everyone.” – Kacper Bronowicki

“After flying this sim, compared to the others simulators, I think the visuals and the controls are way, way more realistic.” – Philip H.

“An intense Experience!!! Very realistic.” – Patrick Clifford

“Really interesting and realistic. Have to do it again one day. Great employees!!” – Robert M. Mechan

“Amazing instructor, so informative.” – Concetta Bertucci

“Excellent instruction, very patient instructor. Hope to see you again.” – Adam Lin

“Very patient instructor. Wonderful flight experience. Thank you!!!!!” – Anna Luo

“Very professional and thorough experience!” – Aaron Murphy

“It was a wonderful day had by Bart & myself. We would come again in the future for sure.” – Bev De Neef

“Marvelous afternoon.” – Bart De Neef

“Great experience. Thanks to the instructor for all his help.” – Bors

“Very entertaining. Instructor was really helpful.” – Benjamin Lai

“Very fun! Never used a simulator before, but the instruction was very clear – excellent.” – Christina Mastantuano

“Instructor answered all our questions, very interesting and attentive. A great Experience!” – Cheryl Krizmanic

“The instructor was excellent. Lots of fun….” – Dave Wilson

“The instructor was excellent and very informative. Wish the company great success – will be back again for another flight.” – David Allen

“The instructor is great! The sim is perfect. Much better than I expected. I’ll definitely be back again.” – Erane G.

“First experience and felt great flying it.” – Henry Cheung

“Excellent experience and very educational!” – Harjinder Badial

“Wonderful experience, visuals are great. Whole experience very nicely done. Will recommended for others.” – Ian Gallowen

“Great experience, very engaging staff. Would recommend to anyone interested in flying” – Sean Kilburn

“Phenomenal experience. Kids loved it, we will be back” – Chris Stringer

“Amazing experience! Great simulator and friendly staff, I strongly recommend uFly.” – Francisco Guimames

“Lots of fun, will come again.” – Joel Bailey

“Excellent crew!! Thank you again.” – Michael Green

“I’d like to do it again!!” – Fabricio Ribeiro

“Awesome experience”- Albino Cesar D. Pianovski

“Very good experience for armchair pilots! Really fascinating to see what a pilot does in the air. Awesome! Will come back again.” – Karyn Roscoe

“Great experience, had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I would come back again”- Elvis Martinovich

“Very informative and great experience overall” – Negin Bahrami

“A wonderful experience very realistic”- Carl white

“Thrilling! Excellent view! Quite real. An hour well spent very educational”- Bill Monnell

“Would highly recommended it to my friends” – Ronald D Sousa

“Very fun and realistic. Time fly’s when you’re having fun” – Armindo Querido

“We’ll be back! It’s great!” – Richard Adams

“Fantastic!” – John

“The instructor was very patient and helpful, will definitely come back and recommend it” – Amus Yung

“Awesome experience” – Sylvia Rubino

“We had a great time! Thank you so much!”- Christyne Richardson

“Such a memorable experience. Instructors were very knowledgeable and great instructors. A real 1st class experience.- Peter Schwartz

“Very fun and realistic. Time fly’s when you’re having fun”- Armindo Querido

“Will be back! Its great”- Richard Adams

“Fantastic! Brilliant pilot instructor”- John Cochrana

“The secretary could not have been nicer- she tried really hard to make us happy” – Marlene Wiseman

“A fantastic experience. The instructors were great. I would recommend this to everyone” – Bob Robertson

“Would surely recommend it to friends”- Ronald D’souza

“Really great experience and challenging. Thanks for a great time” – Raymond Desjardins

“Very enjoyable and informative, captains were very patient and made the experience very realistic” – Mariusz Bella

“The experience was beyond great- the instructor was a terrific teacher. Thank you for the experience”- Stephen Fink

“Exceeded my expectations! Blew my mind.. a must experience for pilot enthusiasts” –Naveen Bagla

” Awesome! Would recommend it to any aspiring pilot”- Steve Franynak

“Outstanding Experience – Great! ‘ Co – Pilot’/ instructor. Very realistic- Jet environment and great introduction. Will encourage all my flying (and no flying) friends to try it at least once.”Mike Hill

” I really enjoyed this experience. It gave me a new aspect for the Introduction of Flying. The instructor were very helpful and patient. I highly recommend this experience for anyone.” – Carol Westwood

” Very Informative! The dangerous flight plan it was definitely fun and informative. Thank you very much for your great service” – Dave Gooding  

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