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We are happy to announce our partnership with Afraid to Fly.

We can help conquer your fear!

We receive many inquiries from people with regards to helping to alleviate their ‘Fear of Flying’.

Our approach at uFly, as a flight simulator facility, is to show and explain the operational aspects of a typical flight on a plane.

uFly Simulator - Fear of Flight
The literature suggests that the majority of ‘Fear of Flight’ issues center around the lack of knowledge of why and how a plane flies. Sitting inside a cockpit such as ours and operating the simulator with a certified pilot, will show you firsthand what goes in to making a plane fly and how it is maneuvered by a pilot according to conditions.

After going through this experience, many people feel more comfortable about getting on an airplane for a flight. Everyone, of course, is different with some people requiring several sessions and others only a couple of hours in the simulator.

uFlySimulator - Afraid to Fly Partnership - Fear of Flight Program  

We teach people how to fly without fear.

Most people who are afraid to fly have never had an incident on a plane, yet many feel too afraid to try it and avoid travelling.

We run one- and two-day workshops that teach you how to cope with your fears so you can enjoy air travel or the uFly Simulator. We can also meet with you one-to-one, if you prefer.

The most common worries we hear are:

  • I might panic on the plane and not be able to leave,
  • I’ll lose control and the crew or other passengers will have to restrain me,
  • They’ll have to turn the plane around to let me off and everyone will hate me,
  • I’ll be so embarrassed!
  • I’ll freak out and feel so alone, with no one to help me.

We bring commercial pilots into our Non Flyer and Nervous Flyer groups to answer questions you have about aircraft, flight, meteorology (how airplanes interact with weather) and the airline Industry. If you take our Non Flyer program you also get the opportunity to fly with clinical psychologist, Dr. Ian Shulman and other members of the group on a plane we get all to ourselves!

Dr. Shulman has been working in the field of anxiety and phobias for more than 20 years and with people who are afraid to fly since 2008. Anxiety and phobias are his favourite clinical issues to work with and he has spent many years building a program that he believes will help almost anyone fly without fear when they are ready to take that step.

According to Angela Mulholland, writer of CTV News, statistics show air travel is “one of the safest forms of transport”. However, people goes crazy when they need to fly because they don’t know how to deal with their fears. Click on the link below to read the full article.

Source: CTV News
Article: How to calm your fear of flying. By Angela Mulholland.
Link: http://www.ctvnews.ca/5things/how-to-calm-your-fear-of-flying-1.2976574

CTV News Article - Fear of Flight

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