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Weather, time of the day, location – it’s up to you. Just arrive 10 minutes before flight time. Check out our flight packages below.

1HOUR Student Pilot Package – Perfect for the curious individual or couple. Get a look at the highly restrictive inner sanctum of a jet airliner. Or find your own challenging approach and takeoff. Our instructors are ready to show you a true authentic aviation experience.

2HOURS Introduction/Short Cross Country Package – Craving a deeper understanding of the systems and procedures behind commercial operations? This package is for you. Plan a short cross country or visit different airports in the world – in real time weather conditions and enhanced HD scenery. 

3HOURS Advanced Systems Operations/Mission Adventure Package –  Let UFLY Simulator take you deep inside the system of a B777 airliner. From anti-ice to anti-collision, get the full scope and the fully immersive aviation experience. Learn more and pick your adventure later.

You can make your experience even better by choosing one of the below upgrades:




Gold Upgrade

Hong Kong Old Airport (Kai Thak) or Saint Marteen or choose different airports (up to 2).




Platinum Upgrade Deluxe

Unforgettable Experience! Fly over: Europe – Sunset Time (From Italy to Switzerland through Alps); Mont Everest – Taking off from Nepal Airport; Rio de Janeiro – Meet the Sugar Loaf, Maracana Stadium, and Christ The Redeemer; Las Vegas – Take off Las Vegas and do the low pass right in the Main Street and take a look to the Stratosphere Tower; JFK Airport – Overview of Manhattan Island.




Platinum Upgrade

Experience Detailed Procedures of Flight: Start engines, Push back, Taxi the aircraft to the run way, Taxi back to the gate, Shutdown engines.

4 HOURS Ultimate Flight Experience – Combine any of the above packages, or make your own. Challenge your instrument skills. Holds, procedures, turns, and much more, you’ve got the power of 220,000 lbs. thrust in the palm of your hand. 

The choice is yours. Authentic aviation awaits. However you want to fly, at UFLY Simulator anything is possible.


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Flight Simulator packages are for consecutive hour bookings. If you book a 3 hour package all three hours need to be booked at one time, they can not be split.

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